Valentines Day DIY: Quick and Easy Sweet Snacks You Will Love

Valentine’s Day is in two days.

Wasn’t it just Christmas? I can’t believe it either.

Whether you are celebrating with your friends or your significant other, sometimes our busy schedules leave us going to the grocery store for a Valentine’s Day treat. We don’t have the time to bake heart-shaped brownies, but we cannot be empty handed.

With that said, here are three treats that you can put together in five minutes (or under). And remember to add your own spin on these ideas 🙂

Valentine’s Day Chex Mix 

[Image Credit: Lexie Metzler] 

-Chex cereal


-Pink and red candies


Nothing really! Just mix it all together in a bowl and…

[Image Credit: Lexie Metzler] 
BAM. This is really *that* simple to create! But do mix it up well, that is probably my only tip.

Valentine’s Day Popcorn

[Image Credit: Lexie Metzler] 


-Mini Marshmallows

-Pink and red candies

-Heart shaped sprinkles


Another ridiculously easy recipe. Like the Chex Mix recipe, just mix it up well and it tastes great!

[Image Credit: Lexie Metzler] 

Valentine’s Day Pretzels 

[Image Credit: Lexie Metzler] 





Take a pretzel and dip it into the icing. Then, take the sprinkles and pour some into a small bowl. Then take the icing-dipped pretzel and press it gently into the bowl of sprinkles until desired area is covered. That’s it!

[Image Credit: Lexie Metzler] 

What are your favorite quick treats? Let me know in the comments!




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  1. Yesssssssssssssss! The year is flying! You always have such cool snacks. I’m not a pretzel kind of girl but I had some caramel covered pretzels which were heavenlyyyyyyyyyy! I may try these.

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